All About Hannah


Hi, I’m Hannah! I run this site. All photographs and artwork is copyrighted as my own creations, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The Blogger

I started blogging many MANY moons ago, on various platforms, but I never managed to stick with it. I’ve blogged about travel photography, art and gaming (all those blogs are defunct and removed since long) without really finding a niche I could maintain. In 2019 I decided to try my hand at blogging again – this time armed with not only confidence but also with A PLAN AND A STRATEGY. Which is half the aim of this blog: to provide strategies and ideas for the creative person, who may or may not have mental health issues themselves.

I believe in transparency. My aim as a blogger is not show an idealized life. Yes, I might have a certain aesthetic but that doesn’t mean you’ll find a lot of glamour shots here. Life, and blogging, is full of ups and downs and I will do my best to share all sides of it. Therefore I make no secret of my struggles with disabilities and mental health.

The Person

Some facts about me, then! I am situated in Sweden, where I live with my boyfriend and two cats. I’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster my entire life which finally made sense when I received my ADHD-diagnosis, close to 30 years old. Since then I’ve been on and off medication; trying to put the pieces of my life together, trying to find out what works – for me, as an individual. I’ve always had a creative streak in my personality and have tried several outlets for it. The things that really stuck with me throughout the years are doodling, knitting and more recently bullet journaling.

Oh, and I love sushi – way too much…

Which brings me to the next topic: MODERATION. I’ve always been horrible at doing things moderately, especially eating (emotional over-eater here!) so 2019 is the year when I my aim is to down things in moderation, including reaching and maintaining a healthy weight… Here in Sweden we have this word, “lagom“, which means “just right”, as in “just the right amount” – not too little, not too much. Will 2019 be my year of lagom? Only one way to find out, subscribe and keep reading the blog!

Enjoy the site!