Hannah AKA Xephera

All content, including photographs and works of art and design, on this website is copyrighted as my own creations, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Hi, I’m Hannah!

I live in southern Sweden with my partner and two spawns of Satan himself adorable cats, Ugg and Birkenstock (yeah, they’re named after the previous owner’s shoe fetish, I usually refer to them as Dork and Dorkier). When I’m not hovering over a book while covered in cat hair, I’m curled up in front of my laptop, creating designs while consuming a steady diet of caffeinated beverages and sushi. I do leave my house from time to time – I mean, I have campus based exams once a semester or so… But mostly, if I volunteer to put on some cat-hair-covered-pants during the weekends, it’s because the local industrial/goth club has a DJ night and I have weird musical tastes.

Oh, the humanities!

It seems I have no idea how this whole career thing works since I chose to go to university at the age of 28 to study humanities; a broad field under constant scrutiny regarding it’s usefulness and relevance. But I did it not to create a lucrative money pit – I did it for the love of the topics. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an idealist – I chose Art History as my BA major because I can not fathom a society without architecture. I chose Religious Studies as my BA minor because I truly believe that understanding other peoples motivations and ethics helps making sense of the world we live in. And I intend to pursue a MA in History of Religions because I am intensely curious about the sociological aspects of new religious movements and western esotericism. (I can easily see myself applying for a PhD to continue researching and teaching the subject in the future!)


Back in the dark ages of dial-up internet, I was in desperate need for a username on a website (can’t remember which one, nor does it matter) and since I like the letter “X” – Xephera was born. Today, I use it to market my designs and artwork. I currently have the username Xephera on: Twitter, 500px, Society6, Redbubble, DeviantArt, Flickr, EyeEm, Tumblr, Pinterest, Ravelry, Behance and LinkedIn. (My Zazzle Store, Instagram, Etsy Store do use Xephera but the name is not included in the URLs!)

There are other Xephera’s out there – on GitHub and Instagram for example – but that’s not me. Only the sites listed in the previous paragraph is where I use the name Xephera!