Vixen Clothing (School)

This is an assignment where we were to design an online shop and website for a fictional clothing company; complete with menus, buttons, icons, our own product imagery and a logotype.

I chose the company name “Vixen Clothing” and a rather dark color scheme since I found inspiration in the subcultures of goth, synth and metal.

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Machinae Architects (School)


This is the Swedish presentation on of the assignments for my first Graphic Design course at the Digital Design programme, at Kristianstad University, Sweden. The goal was to create a logotype and graphical elements, in a color scale of at least 3 colors (not including black, grey, white). The client is a fictive architectural bureau. I picked the name “Machinae Architects” as a nod to Le Corbusier’s statements about the house being a machine to live in.

I found my inspiration in the colors reflected on ice but also from the sharp angle an architect often works with.

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